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  • Hotels

    We do excellent work with curtains, linens, bedding, comforters, and towels

  • Hospitals

    We provide laundry care and garment cleaning regardless of demographics

  • Restaurants

    We give tablecloths a nice, crisp look but a soft feel at the same time

  • Retail

    We treat each client with as much importance as a corporate client

Commercial Laundry - Canoga Park, CA

M & F Laundry handles all laundry and dry cleaning services featuring a wholesale and retail specialization. M & F Laundry has more than two decades of unsurpassed experience in laundry cleaning, fabric care, and ironing services. Now, to complete the lineup of garment care, we have added professional alteration and repair services for your convenience. We have delivery and pickup services available for the convenience of our customers.

Get To Know Us

M & F Laundry is a full-service Laundromat that boasts of exceptional services enough to impress and surpass our corporate clientele’s expectations.

How Can We Serve You?

We provide both commercial and retail laundry services to improve both company and individual image.

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Come and visit our store and experience great laundry and dry cleaning services for yourself. You wont forget it.