Retail Services

Retail Services

Since our inception in 1986, our goal is to keep our clients happy; and that is by providing them with enough reason to come back…over and over again. With M and F Laundry value starts in providing personalized service-with-a-smile the minute each individual walks in. Our friendly and attentive staff will be able to assist, may it be on laundry concerns on-site or through calls received from our phone numbers. We treat each client with as much importance and attention as a corporate client. No client is too big or too small for us to handle; we can interact with anyone regardless of their demographics.

Dry Cleaning

Garments are individually inspected for missing buttons, stains and loose seams or beading before we start performing the cleaning process. We use special and safe cleaning materials to treat each stain first; after which, our skilled technicians do the dry cleaning process with the aid of earth-friendly and non-toxic chemicals.

Table Linens

We lightly starch tablecloths to give them a nice, crisp look but a soft feel at the same time. Whites become even whiter and we ensure that each one is spotless and sparkling clean. Every step is spot-on to make sure that your laundry is done in the right and is pressed beautifully prior to delivery.

Shirt Laundry

Second to your face and hair, your shirt gets the most attention. We deliver clean and spotless, crisp starched shirts only the way it should be. Collars, cuffs and sleeves are cleaned in a special way that is an added boost to your confidence. Even at close scrutiny, our shirts appear even whiter and cleaner, crisp and wrinkle-free with our state-of-the-art pressing system.

Fluff & Fold

Regular laundry, although requires no pressing does not mean lousy and wrinkled. Our towels give you the fluffy bounce; intimates are folded and presented in fresh plastic parcels, and regular 'lounging around' clothes are as soft and fragrant as a flower petal you can't get enough of.

Bed Linens

Here is where our specialty can be put to test. We do exceptional laundering of personal bed linens the way you want it – snuggly, soft, fluffy, nice sheets you want to curl up on. Our high-capacity machines do the laundry cleaning the way it should be. Have the best and well-rested sleep you deserve after a long day's work. We'll make sleeping your most favorite activity of the day!

Flatwork Specialist

With the use of the latest technology in pressing services, we do ironing only professionals do it. We leave your clothes and garment crisp, wrinkle-free and with a professional finish! In addition to greatly ironed clothes, we deliver in volumes and with great efficiency. Hung or folded, we give you the choice according to preference.